Program 2017

Crazy people on the beach, in the water, everywhere!

Let’s hope you find time to sleep with this full crazy fun program for the Sardinia Beach Festival!!! It will be a wonderful experience where you learn cool new stuff, make new friends from overseas and have loooots of fun in the sun!!

Thursday, October 13th

23.00h glamour candle light on the beach start your weekend well with a beautiful view on the private beach. Thousands of stars, the moon, candle lights, and drinks… a great way to meet new (overseas) friends!

Friday, October 13th

17.00h doors open. Registration and collecting of all passes.
18.00-20.00h workshops
20.00-21.30h dinner
22.30h welcome party with international DJs:
Get ready for an amazing weekend full of dancing!
04.00h end of party

Saturday, October 14th

10.30h doors open. Registration and collecting of all passes.
11.00-13.00h workshops
13.00-14.30h lunch
14.30-16.30h beach party!!
16.40-20.00h workshops
20.00-21.30h dinner
23.00h grand gala party in 2 areas with international DJs:
Sharp-dressed men, ladies in cocktail, exciting shows and a glamorous party in a palace like setting.
00.00h showcase on the highest level
05.00h end of party

Sunday, October 15th

10.30h doors open. Registration and collecting of all passes.
11.00-14.00h workshops
13.00-15.00h lunch
15.00-19.00h pool party with workshops in the water! Also lots of animation by all the artists.
20.00-21.30h dinner
23.00h chill out party with lots of animation by the artists and music with international DJs:
Look back on a wonderful learning experience and meeting new friends.
00.00h high-class shows 
(other areas continue their music)
05.00h end of party

Monday, October 16th

15.00-19.00h champagne pool party chill out and sip on a glass of champagne

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